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With movement and breath, an invisible thread guides my hands through whatever material I am working with; whether it is plaster, wax, bronze, ink or paint. This leads me to the organic and mineral depths of the Earth. I can then plunge myself into a fractal vision of Nature, a manifestation of the Universe, of the infinite grandeur in a “petal of life”.

It was in the quest of more lightness that I started with the ever-moving human body: clay was replaced with wax or plaster; bodies stretching towards the heavens yet bound by the Earth’s gravity. 

An accident in my studio led me to the outdoors, where I was inspired by trees; each tree bearing within itself the fruit of the next one, a different spirit and a new texture. The third dimension of sculpture created another, like light falling on the textured surface or the structure’s height itself, and then again, once back in two dimensions by applying ink or paint. 

A forest was thus created and mindfully pruned, each tree becoming a stage in the path of life. My hands drawn towards the heart of Nature, like a mirror of our deepest Being, in the here and now, where everything joins together and where everything has a meaning. 

My most recent series of paintings, ‘Quintessence’, represents a voyage of the senses.  A view from the skies or from the Earth, that is to say, from abstraction to figurative, from monochrome to colour, from lightness to more density, in further search of what underlies form other than form itself.


It is this inherent force within the form, which manifests itself through the movement, harmony and vibration in my pictorial and sculptural artwork.  

It is this very resonance, which I desire to explore in more depth and wish to share.   

If this resonance is real, quintessentially speaking, and it resonates within my being, it is likely to resonate within others too.  Our egos have long neglected this oneness, just as the smallest common multiple is part of the Greatest Common Multiple.


It is also my way of paying homage to our true Nature, to our Mother Nature, to that which brings us together and to that which resembles us, in what we have as most authentic. This primary truth that I call “Beauty”. 

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