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Niki Stylianou, sculptor and painter: a woman, an artist at the service of a Planetary Conscience.


An approach of the mystery of creation enlightened through scientific studies….


Born in Athens to a Greek father and a Russian mother, Niki Stylianou first arrives in Paris during the Regime of the Colonials in Greece. She is brought up in an artistic and intellectual milieu of the Greek diaspora, marked by their engagement and quest for freedom. From a very early age, Niki’s passion for dance reveals a sensitivity to movement and exploration of energy through the body.

Niki’s postgraduate studies, in Natural and Life Sciences, lead her to explore the mystery of Creation from a purely scientific perspective. From here on, quantic Physics, molecular Biology and Morphogenesis, nourish her desire to plunge further into her questionings.

Graduated engineer from Agro Paris Tech , at the beginning of a career in research and consulting, Niki discovers that her passion lies elsewhere , as she is drawn into artistic creation. 


A passion for sculpture and the study of movement…


It is during her first pregnancy that her sculptures come into being. Her vocation becomes an obvious one: Niki Stylianou enters Paris’ Beaux-Arts studios where she studies sculpture with Mr Claude Abeille (a Beaux-Arts academician).

Spontaneously, her attention is focused on the study of movement and the dynamics of plans to capture light.

It is in her first studio that she explores different materials; clay, plaster, bronze and wax, becoming aware that each material harbours its own potential of expression. Her life-size sculptures in plaster, captivate art admirers at the Grand Palais, during her first exhibition in Paris.


Her sense of expression of movement and her holistic vision, arise the interest of art galleries and her first unique pieces in bronze or plaster, enter private collections in France and abroad….


2005 marks her debut in the world of Contemporary Parisian Art, with a personal exhibition at the Linz Gallery: the collections “Telluric World” and “Celestial World” are presented then.

A greater insight of plaster and wax provides her a field of new possibilities; more lightness, more void… more elevational movements.  The “Yoga” and “Cosmic World” collections will become the object of another personal exhibition in 2009 at the Orangery of the French Senate in Paris. Further exhibitions follow (galleries, foundation, the Grand Palais in Paris) encouraging her artistic research.


From outward movement to internal movement; the figure of the Tree rises like a path towards the subtle…


The outward movement of the human body is gradually replaced by internal movement, just like the involution of a

de profondis work, through the material used: the human body becomes internalised and the figure of the Tree reveals itself. 

At the same time, Niki explores painting like a subtle exploration of space. Her first vibratory paintings come to light in 2013. A new field of vision takes shape, from sculptures to paintings, in her “Forests of light and shadows”, exhibited for the first time in 2013, at the Orangery of the French Senate and then, at the town hall of the 8th district in Paris.


The Essence of Nature reveals itself, in a whisper of Planetary Conscience….


From 2015, the form and volumes become purer, so that only the essential vibration remains, like an alchemist in a quest for Quintessence.

In her paintings, Niki leads us to a fractal vision of Nature, a vibratory voyage of the senses, as if to probe into the depths of the Earth.

The Essence of Nature reveals itself, in a whisper of Planetary Conscience, affirming itself during its search. The unconscious shouts out the beauty of the Earth which is revealed in Niki’s most recent collections of paintings: “Nature insight” and “Vibrations of”, inspired by her regular retreats in Bali and India.

In 2016, she creates a new collection called “Sculpture-design” in order to introduce sculpture at the heart of objects, like those found in heathen cultures: Nature takes back its rights. As early as 2017, her first “sculpture-objects” find homes in private collections in London, New York and Brazil.


Today, Niki’s pieces of work are exhibited in Paris, London and New York. She has a permanent exhibition at :

. Galerie Anne Jacquemin Sablon - Art & DesignParis 75001

. Galerie Holly Hunt - Art &Design - Mayfair- London / New     York

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